Airplanes have been used for aerial photography since the early 1900s and the technology and cameras have had a long time to mature and improve. Airplanes provide the best platform for large sites and for properties that need to show contextual surroundings. Airplane aerial photography is also useful for vertical imagery, construction progress and for properties where drones are illegal to use due to FAA restrictions. Airplanes are required to remain 1500′ above the ground over densely populated areas and 1000′ over sparsely populated areas.

Below are some of the airplane aerial photography services that we offer:

  • Commercial Real Estate Aerial Photography
  • Aerial Photography
  • Construction Progress Aerial Photography
  • Vertical Aerial Photography
  • Orthorectified Aerial Photography
  • LIDAR Aerial Photography
  • Inventory Count Aerial Photography
  • Accident Investigation Aerial Photography